The Great Journey
Yes, this was the day the undecorated Audi would travel once again. Naturally this wasn't going to happen under its own power. A friend with a towing pole helped out and the journey could begin.
Arriving in the neighboring village about 4 km away, both my friend and my wife opted to make fun of the new hair style I obtained during the windy ride in the open vehicle behind them.

The worst thing about the ride was the fact that, due to the missing mirrors, I had no visibility towards the back but I could clearly hear the traffic behind me.

There it was.

A lonely, undecorated Audi. Only recognizable as such by an expert and looking more like a junk pile than a car among all these brand new, shiny Mercedes Benz Automobiles. 

"Ha, look here if you want to see a decent car! Let's see who cries a tear for you 20 years from now." -Audi '86

Now, we had taken the first step towards rebuilding. All work from here on is constructive.