The Bodywork
The real rust damage showed up after a close inspection. After 21 years enough rust had accumulated under the front fenders to require replacement of some of the sheet metal.

Even the fenders themselves had to be repaired. Parts were cut out and replaced to keep the original fenders. This ensured an accurate fit that is typically not achievable with replacement body parts due to manufacturing variations.

The same was true for the rear wheel-wells.

Initial rust removal showed the true extent of the damage. This called for replacement parts.

Even the front part of the door-swell on the driver's side needed repairs. Here a new mounting support for the jack-block was created.
Further welding was done on the windshield frame, the trunk bottom, The hinges of the trunk lid, and the upper right corner of the right quarter panel in the grill mount.

Finally the paint preparation could start.

After the engine compartment and the trunk were cleaned, sanded and degreased they received a first coat of paint. Then they were taped off and the prep work continued on the rest of the car.

Sanding was followed by primer, filler and more wet sanding. The work stretched over multiple days. Even the pros had their problems with all the corners and creases.

On May 8th the newly painted and shiny body was delivered back to our house.