The Financials


For those interested in the financial aspects here is a listing of the total expenses:
(amounts in Euro)


Donor Car:
(Vehicle plus transportation)


Inspections and Engine base adjustments



Material  plus labor


Miscellaneous repairs:

Rear brake disks and pads,
door gaskets,
misc. gaskets in the engine compartment,
misc. plastic trim pieces,
new tail lights,
new windshield with gasket (mounted),
misc. liquids such as: 
brake fluid, coolant, oil, etc.
replaced spark plugs,
replaced oil filter and air filter,
misc. cleaning materials and tools,
misc. Tools like a torque wrench, Suspension spring clamps, several sockets, etc.


Front axle repairs:

All suspension bearings replaced,
all stabilizer rubbers replaced,
shocks replaced,
strut bearings replaced.


Engine overhaul:

Engine disassembly,
all bearings replaced,
cylinders widened,
new pistons mounted,
valves refitted,
new valves mounted,
new hydraulic lifters mounted,
engine reassembled,
new clutch mounted,
new fuel injectors mounted.



Disassembly of front fenders,
rust removal and welding work in miscellaneous places,
repaired and renewed undercoating,
new primer and paint,
repair and assembly of body parts,
re-sealed all body cavities,
delivery and post assembly repairs of minor blemishes in the paint introduced during assembly.


Total cost:


Update August 2014:
We are sad to report that due to giving up our secondary home in Germany we decided to sell our baby to a member of the Audi Type 81/85 Interest Group for 6000,00 Euro. Included in this sale were all the spare parts that came from the donor car as well as some new parts we had purchased but never installed. Our hope is that the car will find a good new home where our work is respected and enjoyed. We hope the vehicle is not again used as a daily driver but as a show car to preserve the automotive heritage of the 1980's Audi models.