Rebuilding the Interior

The engine test-run had to wait.

Due to our intention to have the necessary gauges in place for the test, we had to begin rebuilding the interior from the ground up. For starters we shampooed the carpet which had not only been stained after 21 years but also was losing its rubber backing.

Carefully we spread the freshly shampooed carpet in the car trying not to lose any more of the instable rubber backing. It was important to get it as close to its original position as possible.  That way all the holes and slits for the parts mounted later would fit.
The dash board was mounted after a thorough cleaning, followed by by the air ducts and grills and finally the console with all its internal parts.

This established the basis for mounting and connecting all gauges and switches.

And finally the great moment!

After mounting the drive-shafts the question was: Would the engine start? Had we forgotten anything?

There was but one way to find out...

     ...a ninety degree turn of the ignition key.

In the beginning we were just happy to not hear any rattling, banging, screeching or similar sounds. Cranking the engine a few times filled the fuel lines and it finally came close to starting. Under full throttle it finally turned over and developed (like all new engines) an enormous amount of smoke in the engine compartment!!!

Within a few minutes, the smoke was gone and after checking and refilling all fluids and some further adjustments of idle settings and ignition the "new" engine finally purred like a kitten. 

Now we were ready for the finish. Lots of little things left to do but steady progress was being made.