The final Sprint
Sprint to the finish line!

Slowly the vehicle took shape again. After mounting the headlights and taillights as well as the stainless steel trim the typical Audi Type 81/85 shape startet to appear.

The plastic parts for the bumper mounts and the inner wheel well covers were mounted as well

Ready to put on the bumpers.

Now all windows were thoroughly cleaned and put in.

During assembly the correct positioning of the headliners for the B and C columns turned out to be especially challenging. They had to be glued in place before mounting the windows.

A few days later we also received the new windshield. The old one had been damaged during disassembly.
The professional knows how it's done.

With the right tools and know how the new Windshield was mounted in less than 45 minutes.

Surprisingly, the technician handled the glass extraordinarily "rough". We thought a few times that he'd break it before it was in.

Then we continued with the window trim. After a light sanding and a new coat of paint we took our time and managed to mount them without damage
Not even the windshield wipers were mounted without a thorough cleaning.

And the new windshield should be wiped with a pair of brand new wiper blades.



Not even a entire year after we started the project the big day had arrived.

After setting the base engine setup and getting the emissions inspected at the local Bosch service the time had come to face the Safety inspector. He was thrilled with the condition of the car and the quality of the work. - Sticker approved!

Finally the old Audi was street legal again! But we still had to wait for two weeks for the newly upholstered seats. In the mean time the seats from the donor car had to do.

We had finally reached the conclusion of the project. And hopefully we will be able to enjoy the result for years to come.