The Wedding
For the implant procedure of engine and transmission we rented a motor lift.

Before we placed the components in the car, we pre-assembled them outside of the body to ensure a secure and accurate fit. The engine compartment would have been way to tight to make any last minute adjustments to the clutch.

The transmission was placed on a furniture moving board and brought up to the correct height by mans of a hydraulic car jack while the engine was lowered onto its supports using the lift. The wheels under the furniture moving board made it pretty easy to move the transmission back and forth.
We supported the front axle with stilts to prevent the weight of the engine from pushing the car down in the front and changing the calculated height relative to the transmission.
And finally a little trick facilitated easier join-up of engine and transmission:

A strap around both components joined with a 'come-along' made child's play out of the procedure and prevented them from slipping out of position. We had our hands free to concentrate on the proper alignment.

... and so I hereby declare you ...

               ... uhm...

                         ... mounted!

Now it started to look like a car again.

That called for a party ... PROST!

The job continued with the implant of all essential technical components.