Assembly of the Engine Peripherals
A few days later...

All engine peripherals were installed again.

Starter, generator, power steering, radiator, wiring, hoses, etc., etc. ...

Followed by filling and venting all liquids.

Truth be known, it is a lot more work to breath new life into an old engine and its peripherals then it looks. Who would reinstall a rusty clamp, screw or other part if the target is to get the car as close to show-room condition as possible? 

So...  we removed rust, cleaned and painted parts and replaced screws, hoses and clamps where necessary.

All parts were thoroughly checked out before installation.

While it looked like a complete engine again, there was still much to do to make it run again. All the gauges and electrical controls needed to be hooked up.

That was the next step.

We proceeded to the installation of the first interior parts.