The Garage
The restoration had to take place in our own garage. With 35 mē (350 sq ft) it was spacious but had to be cleared out and equipped with shelves for storage.

Two skids were available for storing and moving large bulky parts like the engine and gearbox. 

We spread a 0.3mm thick oil and dirt resistant tarp on the floor to keep the environment as clean as possible

Parking the car diagonally in the garage left just enough space all around to lift and work on any location. Even with larger parts being stored at the same time.
Our homemade tool cart enabled us to organize all the tools and have everything handy when needed. It can be disassembled after the remodel (even though that is probably not going to happen).

For the professionals among the viewers this must look somewhat primitive but it served it's purpose and was much less bulky than a tool chest.

And even this was part of the preparations:

The shelf is already loaded with tarps for covering or wrapping parts or covering the floor. Smaller parts will be stored in zipper bags and cardboard boxes. Rags and gloves for rougher tasks are as much a part of a good workshop as a radio to keep up the good mood.

Next we had to ensure mobility. Our "Winter Car" was purchased.

With the preparations finished we could head straight for the disassembly.

To reduce the possibility of damage to the parts from our own car we first needed to learn how to take things apart that weren't described in our repair manual. For this purpose, and to build up a spare parts storage, we bought a "Donor Car" which should prove to be worth it's weight in gold.