Hello and Welcome to our Web Page.

We, that is my wife Sarah and myself, would like to share our progress and experiences during one of our most  ambitious projects to date:

The restoration of our 
1986 Audi Coupé.


It was in the year 1988 that I was exceptionally lucky to become the proud owner of a 2 1/4 Year old Audi Coupé.

Up until that time I had two dream cars:

- a BMW M1 (which was unreasonable to believe I could ever own...)

- an Audi Coupé.

After driving the car, which never let me down, from 66 000 to 350 000 kilometers (~41 000 to 220 000 miles) I started to perform more and more repairs and service on it myself over the past few years. However, regular wear and tear was starting to show and in the year 2006, extensive repairs that had accumulated over the years required us to think about an appropriate action plan. My wife and I set down and weighed the options:

- Scrap the car and buy a new one (this is what most people would do)
- Repair the absolute necessary items to keep the car running (which meant we'd be driving around in a junky car)
- Restore the car to as close to it's original glory as possible and keep driving it for another 15 or 20 years (we don't drive it that much anymore).

After weighing these options, their associated cost and throwing out all the rational arguments and replacing it with an emotional attachment to my old friend in need of serious help (I'm talking about the Audi), we decided to go for the third option.

At the time we started the restoration in September 2007 the car was still in a technical state that provided a good base. However, the high mileage and it's age had accumulated a laundry list of repairs that I will just outline here real quick:

- High beams Right (electrical Problems)
- Tail light left (cracked)
- Front struts left & right
- Upper strut bearings front left & right 
- Rubber bearings Front Axle
- Break Disks and Pads rear
- All rubbers for the muffler

- Chips from rock impacts on the hood and the front fenders
- Rust in the following locations:
    - on the front fenders by the front bumper and on top under the hood
    - in the corners under the windshield gasket
    - on the roof near the windshield
    - in the middle of the right rear panel
    - in the rear wheel wells
    - in the trunk on the floor
- In addition there were several bumps, bruises and scratches originating from the "special consideration" of fellow drivers on public parking lots.

- of course the driver seat is worn and the fabric rubbed through
- the rear seat fabric was bleached and brittle from the sunlight
- several PVC parts had experienced the same fait and closely resembled a used dog bone 
- the right rear liner had several tears in it

So, all in all the list did not justify scrapping the car :)

With an extensively busy schedule on our hands, we started into the first step of preparing the Garage.