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FTPWatcher Licensing

FTPWatcher is licensed to you at only $45.00 US per monitored FTP Server *.

Although FTPWatcher can be installed as a stand-alone or Server/Client system, the implementation method is not relevant for the licensing. Licenses are provided, registered and tracked by In Scope Solutions, Inc. After contacting us to place your order you will receive a license code in paper format. After applying this license code to the download the unlimited program version is enabled and the paper copy you received is your proof of License. 

Without purchase of a license key FTPWatcher is provided as is with no Support.
The evaluation version is fully functional but will randomly terminate and requires a manually restart once it does so.

Purchase of a License will enable continuous use of FTPWatcher and entitle you to a free 1 hour Setup Support or one free future Software Upgrade as provided by In Scope Solutions, Inc.

Please carefully review the License Agreement displayed during the installation process.

Download FTPWatcher today and start your evaluation.

* Includes only Software provided directly by In Scope Solutions, Inc.  Any additional Software such as Operating Systems, FTP Server or MySQL Database server (although typically free under GPL) are licensed separately and priced by the respective Software vendors. In Scope Solutions, Inc. is not responsible for Licensing or Pricing changes to those vendors' products.

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