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The deployment of new, complex applications is still a major challenge even though many businesses have accumulated a host of information and experience in the field of Computers and Software.  As a general rule, the more advanced the software is, the more involved is it's installation and maintenance.  Although PSched was developed with budget, manpower and skill set considerations in mind, the introduction of new infrastructure, software components, data and processes into your organization may use more resources than you are willing or able to commit. 

PSched depends on the reliability of the Infrastructure it runs on and the quality of it's data and configuration. Our participation in the implementation improves the deployment speed and you start seeing PSched's benefit sooner.

We offer two levels of implementation support:

TurnKey Implementation

We come to your shop and set up everything required to get PSched up and running. This can include putting all needed hardware into place, setting up the databases and loading all software.  In addition, we configure PSched according to your criteria and ensure PSched is operational.  You receive a complete set of documentation for the System Architecture and Configuration requirements. We also conduct User Training. TurnKey implementation gives you the maximum advantage of our expertise at reasonable price.

Assisted Implementation

The hardware setup and installation of all software is accomplished by you prior to our arrival at your location.  We work with you to load the initial data, establish PSchedís initial configuration and make PSched operational.  This includes system testing and user training. 

How long does Implementation take?

Once the hardware is in place, it typically it takes a few days of data clean-up and loading, then configuration and user training.  Finally, go-live support occurs for the first few days to make sure no open questions remain. With the proper preparation PSched can be deployed in less than 2 weeks.

Check out our PSched Server Appliances to speed up your deployment. Ready-to-go commercial grade hardware from Dell (TM) pre-installed and configured to ease your life.  

Unsure which Implementation Support option to use?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your business have the skill set it requires to set up a reliable infrastructure?
  • Do these employees have adequate knowledge to properly configure the operating systems and set up the databases?
  • Can you afford the time and money to dedicate these employees to set up the PSched infrastructure? 

If your answer is "NO" to more than one of these questions you chose a TurnKey Implementation.

Our support services don't stop after the implementation!

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What about the cost of Implementation?

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