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What are the categories of users?

  Types of Users Description

 Standard Users

These are the people whose primary job is to create job tickets or work orders in your Order Estimating Program and perform the initial scheduling tasks.  Typically, they are your Customer Service Representatives (CSRs).  Standard Users have the full version of PSched on their desktop computers.

 Power Users

These are your most advanced and experienced Schedulers.  This can be a dedicated Scheduler or a function that is distributed over multiple individuals in the shop.  In many cases your Department Managers and the Shop Manager qualify for this function.  Power Users use the more advanced features of PSched that require in-depth business savvy and insight.  Power Users, like the Standard Users, have the full version of PSched on their desktop computers.

 Shop Floor Users

These are the folks in Pre-press, your Pressmen, and those in Finishing.  They use only PSched Viewer which is part of the optional Shop Floor Data Collection module.  PSched Viewer is loaded on multiple workstations strategically located throughout your production area.   

Implementation Training

You may purchase PSched Implementation training to complement our implementation services and get you going fast. This 4 hour training is focused on the Standard Users as PSched has the biggest impact on their jobs.  Each class is limited to 3 users to ensure they receive the appropriate instruction. The number of training classes you receive as part of your PSched Implementation is based on the number of Client Licenses you purchase or the estimated number of jobs you will schedule per year.   

The training for PSched Viewer is hands-on at the shop floor workstation and is limited to 2 users per class.  Each class is 1 hour in length.

Implementation Training is conducted at your shop and is included in the price for your specific implementation.

Follow-On Training 

Administrator and Power User Training can be scheduled after you have worked with PSched for two weeks.  This training provides deep insight into teh logic and functional options of PSched and shows you short-cuts now that you are comfortable with how PSched works.  

Follow-On Training is scheduled and priced upon request.

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