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PSched Viewer™ is part of the optional Shop Floor Data Collection module.  PSched Viewer  is a scaled-down, very easy to learn version of the PSched user interface that semlessly integrates with PSched. It requires little to no training and records work status. PSched Viewer is used to inform your production employees of the upcoming workload and the kind of work they need to perform.  It also provides an easy-to-use but sophisticated method of collecting work status information without causing any significant additional workload.

PSched Viewer is deployed on Shop Floor Terminals (PC's with low performance requirements) or used to integrate 'intelligent' shop equipment and machinery to update task status. We help you develop the basic interfaces at no charge.

On the terminals each employee who works on any part of a job signs on, interrupts and marks their work complete. Once the information is collected, it is processed by the Workflow Manager Server (part of the PSched Viewer package) to track the work progress and update the job status as:

  » Not Yet Started
  » Started
  » Interrupted 
  » Completed
  » Mixed Status

The work progress information is updated in real time as entered by the employees or machines and then available in both PSched and PSched Viewer.  This allows anyone looking at a job to immediately know the status at any point in production. Resource availability, and therefore sellable resources, are immediately visible to the estimators and schedulers.

How is PSched Viewer licensed?

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How much does PSched Viewer cost?

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