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There are many reasons to utilize our PSched Support Services.  From Configuration questions through system maintenance to troubleshooting and Software Upgrades we offer several levels of services to meet the demands suitable for your installation. 

Pay As You Go Basis

Contractual Basis

PayPerCall PhoneSupport

This support option gives you PSched phone support for  any reason! There are NO retainer fees, monthly or annual charges. Your calls are tracked and billed at $50 per hour. Just call us when you have a need!

Billing time is measured in 15 minute increments and bills are accumulated on a monthly basis.
(We do not charge for non-support calls such as calls for product, update or price inquiries).

Choose PhoneSupport and call as often as needed during normal business hours.  No matter if you need troubleshooting, feature usage or configuration help...we are there for you!  This service can also be enhanced by adding remote administration access, allowing us to make changes to your system without having to be on-site. 

The payment terms are set as a monthly, quarterly or annual fee.

PayPerUpgrade SoftwareMaintenance
Upgrade when you are ready.  With this support option, you are charged separately for every software upgrade excluding bug fixes or patches. This includes all data and application minor releases ("dot release" i.e. from 3.29 to 3.30) and major releases (i.e. 3.x to 4.x). 

The price for each upgrade varies based on the extent of the release changes. 

Choose our annual SoftwareMaintenance contract and stay current with all major and minor release upgrades that occur during your contract year.  Of course patches are also included. (If you are an existing customer and aren't current, this includes the prior three minor releases. Any additional releases required to bring you current may add upgrade cost as in PayPerUpgrade)

This is a flat-fee annual contract.

PayPerVisit OnSiteService
You may decide that we need to visit your premises to provide services to your PSched installation. This is a good idea for major upgrades, installations or training. This option lets you control the time and amount of charge to your business.

With the PayPerVisit option, you are charged a standard hourly rate for the time we spend on-site plus travel expenses. 

Reduce the cost per visit by choosing our OnSite Maintenance package. With this package you only incur the travel expenses per visit but no hourly charges for time spent on your premises. This gives you the maximum use of our time at minimal cost to you.

This is an annual contract with payment terms set as monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Choose from our SupportPack or create your own "package" by combining the PSched Support Service offerings.

If you aren't sure which Support option is best for you, Contact Us to assist with choosing the right options. 

How do I purchase Pay As You Go-based support?

For PayPerCall support, just give us a call with your question.  We invoice you at the end of the month.

For PayPerUpgrade or PayPerVisit, when you are ready to upgrade or schedule a visit. Contact Us We invoice you after the upgrade request is received or the on-site visit is completed.

How do I purchase Contract-based support?

Simply Contact Us to discuss the appropriate support needs.  Based on our conversation, we will send you a customized contract.

Don't have PSched or PSched Viewer installed yet?

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