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Production Management Software: 
A Consultant’s perspective 
by Wolfgang Blauen
Further, the marketing hype of emerging technology standards paired with the limited information about their application creates a perception that these standards by themselves will resolve the issues. Terms like “JDF” and “MIS” are understood in part and are often perceived to eliminate the need for well designed processes and management tools. Rather than seeing Production Management and Job Scheduling systems as sophisticated building blocks of a well-rounded production environment they are often downscaled and included as “modules” of vendor specific suites with very little useful functionality and tool value.

Finally, many companies shy away from the investment in sophisticated software for production management because they don’t perceive these tools to be part of their production equipment.

Surprisingly, many companies that would greatly benefit from such tools don’t even recognize that they have a problem. Most small to mid-sized companies don’t analyze their data as it relates to sales loss from customer dissatisfaction leading to lost accounts or unpaid overtime. Much less do they collect any production metrics that can tell them how good their estimates really are. Sure, some companies do time studies every now and then but that only gives them a snapshot over a limited amount of time. The real value of production management software is not just in reducing losses or showing production status. It is much more in knowing how well you’re estimates match your actual workloads and having the ability to live up to your promises not because the company will get it done somehow but rather because the capabilities and utilization of all people and equipment are known at any moment.

And for those Company owners with 12-14 hour days due to constant “firefighting” – think about the value of getting a few hours of your life back every day! Good solutions aren’t measured by the size of their investment but rather by the benefit they bring to the company that implements them.

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