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Dragon Stories

Dragon Travels to Germany (Part 2)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


“Wait, what’s happening?” thought Dragon. “Where am I? I’m getting bumped around! Oh yes, now I remember. I’m in the suitcase going to Germieland. But why am I getting tossed around?”

Dragon peeked out of the bag and saw several men loading suitcases into small wagons. He heard one of them say, ‘This one’s going to Germany.’ Now he knew he was on the right wagon and would soon be on the airplane. He quickly closed the zipper so the men wouldn’t see him.

“WOW! That’s a loud noise!” shouted Dragon. 

But no one could hear him because the airplane was taking off. Soon the engines quieted down to a steady hum. Dragon unzipped the suitcase and got out to explore. There were lots and lots of suitcases and boxes.

“Burr…it’s really cold in here,” Dragon said.

He climbed to the top of the pile, knocked on the ceiling to let Mom and Dad know he was ok and then hurried back to his suitcase. "This is better," Dragon thought as he snuggled in and zipped up the zipper. "I’ll go back to sleep and when I wake up again, I’ll be in Germieland." And that’s just what he did.

Dragon woke up because his suitcase was tumbling end over end. As he rubbed his eyes he heard people talking. It sounded strange, like when Dad talks on the telephone to his parents. 

“Oh, I must be in Germieland!” said Dragon and he peeked out again to make sure. 

Just then, Mom and Dad picked up the suitcase and started toward the Customs Agent. Dragon was ready to show the man his tag. The man asked if Mom and Dad had any items to declare. 

Dad answered, “Only a small green dragon.” 

Dragon was ready with his tag in hand but the man said “No problem, dragons are welcome here today!”

After a train ride and another taxi, the family finally made it to their house in Germany. Mom was right, it was a very, very, long trip. Mom and Dad unpacked the suitcase and took Dragon upstairs. 

“We heard some knocking from the baggage compartment on the airplane,” Mom said. “Was that you, Dragon?” 

“Yes, that was my secret code for ‘I’m on the plane now.’ Wasn’t that smart?” answered Dragon. 

“Yes, you are a smart dragon,” said Mom. “Now Dad and I need to take a nap.” 

While Mom and Dad took a nap, Dragon decided to take a look around the house. He thought he should be extra careful because it was very different from the house in Texas. This will be a great detective adventure!

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Copyright (c) 2008 by In Scope-Solutions, Inc. 

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