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Dragon Stories

Dragon's Christmas (Part 2)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


The first ornament that needed to go on was for the very tip top. Mom and Dad were busy looking in the box for the top ornament. Dragon jumped off the couch and quickly climbed to the top of the tree.

“Ok, Dad! I’m ready when you find the top ornament!” shouted Dragon.

“Thanks, Dragon,” said Dad as he handed him the ornament, “but no more climbing the tree. It’s too dangerous for you and if the balls fall off, they will break.” Dad took Dragon out of the tree after the top ornament was in place.

“Well,” said Dragon, “it was somewhat scary up there. This is a really tall tree. It reaches almost all the way to the ceiling. Maybe it’s better if you hold me and then I can put on the icicles.”

Mom, Dad and Dragon finished decorating the tree and nothing was broken. Dragon was very tired because it took a long time to decorate such a big tree. He was almost asleep when Dad carried him upstairs and put him into bed.

“Tomorrow I’ll help Mom wrap the presents for you,” Dragon yawned. “We have lots of surprises for you, Dad.”
Sure enough, the next day Dragon helped wrap presents. Of course some of the tape and ribbons also ended up on Dragon. While helping Mom, Dragon found two little red Santa Claus boots. They originally had candy in them, but that was all gone now.

“Mom, can I have these boots?” asked Dragon while putting them on. “They are just my size.” Dragon hopped up and clicked the heels of his red boots together. “I think I could wear these when it snows.”

Dragon looked very funny. The boots went almost to the top of his legs. He was wobbling some but managed to walk to the door and back. Mom tried not to laugh because Dragon was being so serious. 

“We don’t have any snow yet. The weatherman says we may get some the week of Christmas. You can keep the boots for when it snows but I think you should take them off for now,” Mom told Dragon. Dragon really liked his new boots but was glad to take them off. His toes were getting too hot.

“Do you have any presents for me?” asked Dragon as he started to look into a sack.

“You have to wait until Christmas - No peeking!” exclaimed Mom as she moved the sack. “Santa Claus only brings presents to well behaved dragons.”

So Dragon waited, and waited … until finally it was Christmas. Dragon woke up very early on Christmas morning. Little Dragon, Lion, Mom and Dad were still asleep. Dragon quietly walked to the door, making sure his toes didn’t click on the tiles. He gently opened the door then ran to the stairs and slid down the banister.

There it was…the tree with all its lights and ornaments…twinkling in the morning light. And under the tree were lots and lots of presents! Dragon crawled into and over the presents. He looked at each one, shaking it and looking for his name on the tag.

“This one is for Mom. And this one is for Dad. This one is for..” Dragon said reading each tag out loud. “This one is for Dragon! Santa Claus did come – I knew I had been a good dragon!”


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