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Dragon Stories

Dragon's Road Trip (Part 2)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen

Mom and Dad packed the car early the next morning. After a quick breakfast, Dad put Dragon in the back seat. Dragon wiggled around a bit, getting nice and comfortable on the pillows Dad put there so he could see out of the window. Next, Dad buckled the seatbelt. Dragon was ready to go!

After driving for a while, Mom said, “Get ready, Dragon. Here comes the first car.”

Dragon waved his best, friendly wave. He waved and waved and waved…until they were past the car.

“That was fun,” Dragon laughed. “Did you see the driver wave back at me?”

“You did a good job,” answered Dad. “Now that person will have a better trip. Here comes another car.”

This time, although Dragon waved as much as he could, the other driver did not see him. Dragon was very sad. 

“Well, you just have to try again with the next car,” said Mom as she rubbed his head between his horns. “You will probably get a different reaction from each driver.”

And Mom was right. Sometimes, the driver just smiled. Sometimes they laughed and pointed at Dragon. Sometimes they just looked straight ahead and didn’t see Dragon waving. Sometimes everyone in the car waved. Dragon had fun waving at all the cars and trucks – especially when the big 18-wheelers blew their horns for Dragon: 


“Waving at everyone is making me tired,” yawned Dragon.

“Making other people happy can be a lot of work,” Dad agreed. “You can take a nap and we’ll wake you up when we are at Grandmother’s.”

Dragon waved at the next car, yawned again and fell fast asleep.

When Dragon woke up, it was dark outside. He climbed back up on his pillow and looked out the back window. As he tried to open his eyes he turned to stone. He looked into two large bright glowing eyes. Surely, this had to be the face of a monster chasing the car. And it was slowly catching up with them. "Dad, dad!" Yelled Dragon: "You have to go faster. The Monster is catching up with us."

"Monster?" Dad grumbled. "That 18-wheeler has been trailing us for the past 30 miles and now he's going way faster than the speed limit. Where's the police when you need them?". Dragon watched the big truck as he slowly passed by their car. "But why is he going so fast?" Dragon asked. "Well, sometimes the truck drivers are under pressure and need to catch up to their schedule." answered Mom.

About ten seconds later a set of red and blue flashing lights came flying by. "There you go." Mom told Dad. "And you were complaining that the police don't catch speeders."

Dragon tried to wave at the policeman and the truck driver as they were passing the two vehicles parked on the side of the road but the trucker looked real grumpy, so Dragon found it best, not to attract his attention.

A few hours later they were at Grandmother and Granddad’s house. He could hardly wait to tell them about his road trip and how he had waved at all the cars and trucks and about the excitement with the police car stopping the speeding truck. It was the best road trip Dragon had ever made.


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