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Dragon Stories

Dragon Finds His Family (Part 2)

By Sarah and Wolfgang Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


But when the truck finally stopped, the little dragon was disappointed. There were no children. There wasn’t anyone, just the short fat man. One at a time he took an animal out of the bag, loosely wrapped a string around their neck and tied them to a hook. When all the animals were in place, once again it got very dark.

Then one day, after much rumbling and bumping around, the short fat man appeared again. Before the dragon could ask him anything the man pulled a lever and up the animals went. All of them were now hanging on the side of a carnival booth. It was a little bit scary because they were so high, but small dragon could finally see what was going on.

There were people everywhere, lots of bright lights and music! People with and without kids walked up to the booth, took balls out of a basket and then rolled them into holes in the booth. The person getting the most balls in the top hole got to choose an animal to take home. Bears and dogs seemed quite popular…they were on the bottom row of animals.

The dragon was sad.   Whenever the booth opened, all the other animals were chosen and he was always left behind. He waved at the little children but they never seemed to notice him.

“I think I know why I never get chosen,” the dragon said rubbing his horns. “I’m at the very top of the booth, right below the roof. I must be the top prize. So whoever gets to take me home must be someone very special.”

This idea made the small dragon very proud. So he waited in his place on the top row. Days became weeks and weeks became months and the short fat man moved them around from carnival to carnival but no special person came to win him.

In October, the booth stopped in a town called New Braunfels. Dragon had heard so many people talking and seen so many towns that he knew he was in Texas.

“The air is different here,” sniffed the dragon. “The leaves are red and green and yellow.  I think this is going to be the place. In a town so special, with so many friendly people there has to be someone good enough at rolling the balls to take me home.”

The dragon looked around and saw signs stating “Wurstfest” and “Original German sausage on a stick”. He smelled the freshly roasted sausages and the fresh baked bread. He saw crowds of happy people walking by laughing and wearing chicken hats (that looked really funny!)

 “Yes, this must be the place to meet a happy, special person,” the dragon told the others.

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