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Dragon Stories

The Soccer Match (Part 1)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Dragon, Lion and Little Dragon were bored. It was raining outside … again.

“What can we do today?” asked Lion.

“Well, we can’t go for a walk,” replied Little Dragon. “Its too squishy outside.”

“If we had a ball we could play soccer,” Dragon said, as he began searching the room. “Help me find something round that rolls.”

Dragon, Lion and Little Dragon looked in the closet. There were lots of shoes and clothes, but no ball. They looked under the chair and found a stray sock.

“Let’s see if we can make this into a ball,” said Dragon. “I’ve seen Mom roll up the socks before. Maybe this will work.”
Lion stood on the top of the sock and Dragon and Little Dragon began rolling it from the toe. Soon they had pushed it all the way toward Lion. The three friends admired their work.

“It looks like a fuzzy sausage,” growled Lion.

“Don’t talk about food,” giggled Little Dragon rubbing his tummy. “Talking about food makes me hungry.”

“I think this will roll,” Dragon said. “Stand back and I’ll kick it!” 

And with that, Dragon moved back four steps, then ran and kicked the rolled up sock.


The sock didn’t go anywhere. It simply unrolled and lay there - - flat.


They would have to find something else to use for a ball. Dragon rubbed his blue horns. (He often does this when he is thinking.) Little Dragon hopped in a circle. Lion stretched from his toes to the tip of his tail. Finally, Dragon came up with an idea.

“Maybe we can use the small light bulb out of the lamp!” Dragon said excitedly. “It looks round when it is screwed in so I think that will roll like a ball.”

The three friends jumped up onto the bed and climbed onto Dad’s pillow. Lion and Little Dragon held onto Dragon’s feet while he carefully reached over to the lamp. After much effort, Dragon unscrewed the light bulb and dropped it on the middle of the bed. 



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