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Flat Stanley's Travel Adventures

Flat Stanley's Journal (Part 5)  

Adventures with Jane and Bob Miller
November through December, 2004
By Sarah and Wolfgang Blauen

December 2, 2004
Today I did some exploring! The Miller’s house in Germany is much different than the one in Plano. It’s 2-stories and also has a basement. The entire house has tile floors that are warmed by a hot water heating system. That feels really nice when you are getting out of bed with bare feet! The 1st floor has the entry, a small bathroom, the kitchen and a combined living room and dining room. The back wall in the living room is a huge sliding glass door with a view of the back yard and pond. Mr. Bob told me they have frogs in the pond during the summers. The 2nd floor has a gigantic bathroom, Master bedroom, office, Guest bedroom (that’s mine!) and a little sitting area that overlooks the stairwell. I have to be careful on the stairs because they are open wood steps and if I slip, I could fall from the top floor all the way into the basement. So what did I find in the basement? The laundry room, a big junk room full of extra wood and building materials left over from when Mr. Bob and his Dad built the house, a storage room and a Party Room that is still under construction. In the storage room, I found shelves with lots of tools and paint supplies, cleaning stuff, some canned food, Diet Coke, water and beer. But the most interesting was a little door that led to…a dungeon under the back stairs! 

December 3, 2004
Miss Jane and I got a bad head cold on the plane. We slept all day!

December 4, 2004
Sleeping seems to have been the right medicine for our colds! 
Tonight I got to meet some of Mr. Bob and Miss Jane’s German friends. We went to dinner with Mark and Karin. The weather was getting really cold so we decided not to drive very far. Mark suggested a hotel in a small village named Hückelhoven. To get there, we drove past several farms but I couldn’t see very much because it gets dark here by 5:30. The restaurant at the Hotel was only taking people with reservations so we walked down the street to a Chinese restaurant. The food was really good but the service was very slow. Mark said this was typical in most German restaurants. It was nice to get back outside because the restaurant had gotten busy and many people were smoking. There aren’t any non-smoking areas in the restaurants here (too bad!). Mark can speak English but Karin mainly speaks German. Of course, Mr. Bob speaks both English and German. Miss Jane tries to speak German (some) but she is still learning. Switching between German and English made the conversation interesting. I only understood when they spoke in English!

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