... and this is what it looks like on the inside.

All parts tagged, wrapped and stored on the shelf.

This is the home of work. Lots of work. Double-checking, cleaning, straightening, repairing, replacing and so forth...

Some parts were simply cleaned ...
... others were granted a fresh coat of paint after a thorough scrub job and made to look as good as new.

Stainless steel was polished in places it can't be reached while mounted, PVC parts were refreshed and preserved from all sides.

Meanwhile the first rust repairs happened in the body shop. 

Fenders, door swells, windshield corners, wheel wells and trunk bottom were just a few of the places requiring larger replacements.

It is always astonishing to see a good sheet metal worker's ability to take a flat sheet of tin and form it into a sculpture like replacement part the fits 1 for 1 in the rusted spot.

Even the engine was making some good progress. 

Drilling and honing the cylinders and rebuilding the head from the ground up seemed to be like child's play in the hand of the professional engine builder. 

With this quality of work nothing should stand in the way of another 350,000 km.

The bodywork continued over the next 3 months.