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Information Technology Digest:
Stable Computer Environments
by Wolfgang Blauen, CISSP 
6. Software Purchases

One of the most important aspects in your company’s day-to-day operation is the software you use to manage the data that runs the business. In this article I would like to talk a little about the process of choosing software and making the right buying decision.

In the large corporations (say Fortune 500 types) there are teams of so called “Solutions Architects” that follow standard methodologies to get from the current state of the operation to the desired solution and then finally to the buying decisions. Naturally, any small or medium sized business doesn’t have the resources or financial means to support this approach but there are quite a few principals that apply, at a smaller scale, to those companies as well.

The significant point is that the work is typically driven by an architectural model that is a commonly accepted industry view of how IT fits into the business.

To boil it down to the essential:

  • View your business as a tower based on the data that represents the basis for decision-making.

  • The data is manipulated by applications that provide functionality to support your processes.

  • The processes determine the course or action you take with every decision you make. 

What does that mean? – It means that you want to start your software evaluation process not with obtaining samples of the available products but rather with an analysis of the processes you want to support. Or in other words: What do you expect the software to do for you?

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