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Dragon Stories

Detective Dragon (Part 2)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Dragon quietly explained he had recently flown from Texas and was on his way exploring the house. He promised Lion and Little Dragon he would tell them all about his adventures later. And with that, Dragon hurried out of the room being careful not to let his toes click on the tiles.

Standing in the hallway Dragon realized he had a choice to make. "Should I go left and explore that room, go straight and go downstairs or go right and explore the two rooms there ?" After rubbing his horns for a moment, Dragon decided to turn right.

Going into the first room, Dragon saw a bizillion computers – in the corner, along the wall and on the desk. And there was a table in one corner covered with electronics with lots of blinky lights. 

“Hmm,” said Dragon, holding his tail so it wouldn’t knock anything over, “this is either the control room of a nutty scientist or it’s the office.” After spinning around in the black leather chair for awhile, Dragon said, “This is definitely the office.” And he jumped down and wobbled into the next room. 

Once Dragon got his balance back, he could tell he was in another bedroom. After checking behind the door, Dragon stood in the middle of the room and slowly turned in a circle again. 

“Ok,” Dragon said quietly, “this is a Guest bedroom but it seems to have other uses.” 

As he sat down on the floor he began to put his detective skills into action. 

“I saw an ironing board, a stack of material on the couch, a sewing machine on the table and now I see a sewing basket. I’m certain Mom uses this room too. I’m really a good detective! ”Dragon said to himself as he went to explore the last room upstairs.

“Oh, this is too easy,” said Dragon as he walked in to the next room. “Two sinks, a bathtub, a shower and a toilet – this is the bathroom. No detective work here!” 

So Dragon left the room and slid down the banister to avoid the stairs. (The stairs were a bit scary because they were open and he could see all the way down into the basement.) Dragon decided this time he would go left first.

Bonk! – he bumped directly into a glass door! 

“This must be the front door,” Dragon said as he sat there and rubbed his sore nose, “I hope that noise didn’t wake up Mom and Dad. I’ll try this left,” he muttered as he turned around and walked into the next room. 

“Another easy one! Even Little Dragon could figure this one out,” huffed Dragon. There was a table, cabinets, an oven, a sink and a refrigerator. “This is the kitchen,” Dragon said and then he walked through another doorway.

“Oh, now this is interesting!” exclaimed Dragon. “This is a large room and it will take some real detective work.” Dragon walked past a round table with six chairs to get to the center of the room. 



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