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Dragon Stories

Detective Dragon (Part 1)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


Dragon the Detective was on the case. The entire house in Germany needed to be searched while Mom and Dad napped. Dragon had to be very quiet!

Click, click, click. “What’s that sound?” Dragon whispered. Click, click, click. “There it is again!” Click, click, click. “It happens every time I take a couple of steps. Hummm.” 

Dragon looked around. No one was behind him. No one was on either side of him. No one was in front of him. 
“No one is under me either,” whispered Dragon as he lifted up his foot. 

Dragon put his foot back down -- Click! 

“Oh, I know! It’s my toe nails clicking on the tiles when I walk,” giggled Dragon. “This house isn’t carpeted like our house in Texas! I’m a really good detective to figure out that noise.” 

Dragon decided he should walk with his toes up so he wouldn’t wake up Mom and Dad as he explored the house.

The first room Dragon explored was the Master Bedroom. He stood in the middle of the room and slowly turned around in a circle looking at everything. (If he turned fast, he’d get dizzy!) Everything seemed normal – a bed, two tables on either side of the bed, two lamps, a door, a chest of drawers, a closet, a chair, some windows. Wait - something or someone moved! Dragon put his hands over his eyes because he was scared. Then he remembered he was a Detective and spread his fingers to peek out.

Yes, something definitely moved! It was smaller than Dragon and brown. Dragon carefully inched his way to the table on Dad’s side of the bed. There! It moved again! Dragon dropped down to his knees and slowly lifted his head to the level of the table. Looking Dragon eye to eye was a brown leather lion with a brown furry mane! 

“Roar!” shouted the lion. 

“Shh! Don’t wake them up,” Dragon whispered, pointing to Mom and Dad. “Who are you anyway?” 

“My name is Lion and I was Dad’s favorite stuffed animal when he was a little boy,” answered the lion proudly.

“I’m Dragon and today I’m a detective so I would have figured that out,” replied Dragon as he stood up. “And who are you?” he asked a little green animal with a large nose and pink and blue stripes on his tummy. “No don’t tell me! I can see that you are a baby dragon so you must be…” 

And before Dragon could finish the baby dragon hopped up and down shouting, “I’m Little Dragon!”

S h h !” Dragon and Lion said.

(read on ...) 

Copyright (c) 2008 by In Scope-Solutions, Inc. 

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