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Dragon Stories

Dragon's Road Trip (Part 1)

By Sarah Blauen
Illustrated by Wolfgang Blauen


It was a very busy day around the house. Mom was going from room to room, cleaning. The vacuum cleaner was so loud Dragon had to cover his ears with his hands. Dad was on the driveway washing the car. When Dad came back inside, he took the suitcases down off the top shelf in the closet.

“What are you doing with the suitcases, Dad?” shouted Dragon. He still had his ears covered and didn’t know he was talking so loud. 

“We are going to take a trip in the car,” Dad explained as he took Dragon’s hands off his ears. “Mom likes to clean the house before we leave so everything is in order when we come back.”

“But where are you going? Do I get to go with you?” Dragon asked.

“We are going to visit Grandmother and Granddad,” Mom answered. “Of course you can go with us. But we’ll be in the car for half a day…what will you do during the road trip?”

Dragon thought for a moment. “I can hop back and forth across the back seat. That would keep me busy for awhile.”

“Oh no, Dragon,” Dad replied, “you will have to have your seatbelt on. Think of some other things you could do.”

“I can ask you questions about everything I see out of the window. I think that would be a good thing,” Dragon said.

“Yeah, that’s just what I wanted,” Dad grumbled. “Maybe you can take a pencil and paper and draw what you see.”

“But Dad,” Dragon whined, “won’t we have to stop too often? I don’t draw very fast.”

Dragon rubbed his horns and walked in a small circle. He was thinking very hard. He wanted to think of a very good thing he could do while riding in the car. 

“Will there be lots of other cars and trucks on the road?” Dragon asked.

“Yes,” replied Mom, “this highway is usually pretty busy.”

“I think I should wave at everyone as we drive by. That will make the other drivers happy,” Dragon said. 

“That is a great idea!” Dad exclaimed. “You should go sit in the chair and practice waving.”

Dragon was very proud of himself for thinking up such a good idea. He ran into the living room, jumped up on the chair, and started waving. He tried waving both arms over his head. He tried shy waves close to his face. He tried waving like the pretty girls in the parades. Dragon waved to the left side…then he waved to the right side. He tried waving with his feet, but that was too tricky.

“I don’t know which wave is my best,” said Dragon as he ran back to the bedroom where Mom and Dad were packing.

“I’ll show you and then you can help me decide.” So Dragon showed them all his waves – except the one with his feet.

“Those are really good techniques. You should use all of them,” commented Mom. Dad nodded in agreement. “You better get a good night’s sleep, now. You will be very busy waving to everyone tomorrow.”

Dragon hurried to get to bed. He could hardly get to sleep, because he was so excited about being the best waver on the road!

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Copyright (c) 2008 by In Scope-Solutions, Inc. 

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